Magnus Wake is an award-winning director whose work has won international recognition from the likes of New York Festivals and EVCOM. He’s just completed filming of his debut feature film, First and Only. This follows on from the success of his short film, Simon, that won praise around the world and was selected for screenings at multiple film festivals. Magnus has worked across the media industry, directing commercials, broadcast documentary and brand films.

Simon First and Only Directed by Magnus Wake

Awards | Selections

2017- Simon Official Selections- Hollywood Short Film Festival
2016- Simon Official Selections- European Short Film Festival, Amsterdam Lift-Off Festival, Catalina Film Festival, London Independent Film Festival, San Pedro International Film Festival, Festival de Cannes- Short Film Corner
2014- IoIC Scotland Awards Best Use of Imagery
2011- EVCOM Bronze Award for Directing
2010- CIB Awards Best Video Awards
2010- CIB Awards Best Use of Interactive Media- Teachers’ Self Evaluation|
2010- New York Festivals Awards Gold, Lloyds Banking Group- “On the inside” (Editing)
2009- CIB Awards Best Use of Interactive Media, Scottish Government- “Looking after Children and Young People: We can and must do better”
2008- New York Festivals Awards Gold World Medal, NM Rothschild & Sons- “New Court Building”
2007- New York Festivals Awards Bronze World Medal, British Army- “The Good Life


First and Only, Feature, Dir. Magnus Wake. Prod. Magnus Wake/Simone Bett. DOP Andrew Begg
Simon, Short, Dir. Magnus Wake.Prod. Magnus Wake/Simone Bett. DOP David Flett
Chips, Short, Dir. Magnus Wake.Prod. Magnus Wake/Simone Bett. DOP Andrew Begg
The Rehearsal, Short, Dir. Magnus Wake. Prod. Magnus Wake

Broadcast | Commercials | Brand

2018, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Client: Media Zoo/RBS
2018, Social and Brand Films, Client: Reforesting Scotland, Brand
2018, MRS BROWN/FOR FACTS SAKE, Client: BBC/Hungry Bear/Bocpix, Commercial
2018, MyWay, Client: MyWay Digital, Brand
2017, Sleep in the Park, Client: Social Bite, Brand
2017, Moment  of Calm, Client: The Scottish Government/The Union/The Gate Films, Commercial
2017, Bacalta Virtual Tasting, Client: Bacalta, Brand
2017, First and Only, Client: Encaptivate, Feature Film
2017, Oysters Return, Client: Glenmorangie, Brand
2016, Simon, Client: Encaptivate, Short Film
2016, The Deep, Client: Glenmorangie, Brand
2016, Lightburst Scooter, Client: Grossman, Commercial
2016, Life at Nucleus Film, Client: Nucleus, Brand
2016, Ilimunate, Client: Nucleus, Brand
2015, Ardbeg Space, Client: Ardbeg, Brand
2015, Limits Crowdfunding Film, Client: Chevec, Brand
2015, Logo Grab, Client: Drummond Park, Commercial
2015, Houseology, Client: Occa Homes, Brand
2015, Stronger for Scotland, Client: SNP, Broadcast
2014, Spray and Up, Client: Ahlstrom, Brand
2014, Logo Grab, Client: Drummond Park, Commercial
2014, Awards Scotland Advert, Client: Institute of Internal Communications, Commercial
2014, Alex Salmond Campaign Film, Client: Yes Campaign, Broadcast
2013, Dignity at Work, Client: Baillie Gifford, Brand
2013, Spin Mania, Client: Drummond Park, Commercial
2013, Fast Study, Client: Dundee University, Corporate Video
2013, Women of Tomorrow, Client: The Royal Bank of Scotland, Commercial
2012, Pumpazing, Client: Drummond Park, Commercial
2012, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Client: O’ Street, Commercial
2012, You’ll know advert, Client: Stewart Milne, Advertising and Drama
2011, Network News, Client: Bank of Scotland, Corporate Video
2011, Unnecessarily Well Made, Client: Glenmorangie, Brand
2011, Investors Update, Client: Permira, Brand
2010, ARUP Fellows, Client: ARUP, Brand
2010, Brand Video, Client: Balfour Beatty Modular Systems +, Corporate Video
2010, Network News, Client: Bank of Scotland, Corporate Video
2010, You Be The Judge, Client: Criminal Justice System, Corporate Video
2010, Phase 4 School Case Studies, Client: Learning & Teaching Scotland, Corporate Video
2010, Caught on Camera, Client: Lloyds Banking Group, Corporate Video
2010, How to use Edinburgh Buses, Client: Lothian Buses, Corporate Video
2010, New Look Case Study, Client: Permira, Corporate Video
2010, Hugo Boss Case Study, Client: Permira, Brand
2010, Scottish Digital Media Creative Industries DVD, Client: Scottish Development International, Brand
2009, ARUP Fellows, Client: ARUP, Brand
2009, Topgrading Interview Techniques, Client: Barclays, Corporate Video
2009, The Next Chapter, Client: CFS, Corporate Video
2009, Annual Review, Client: HSBC Group, Corporate Video
2009, On the Inside, Client: Lloyds Banking Group, Corporate Video
2009, Doing the Right Thing, Client: Ministry of Defence, Corporate Video
2009, ATM for all season, Client: NCR, Corporate Video
2009, We Can Do Better, Client: Scottish Government, Corporate Video
2008, ARUP Fellows Interviews, Client: ARUP, Brand
2008, Annual Review Video, Client: HSBC Group, Corporate Video
2008, New Court Documentary, Client: N M Rothschild & Sons, Brand
2008, ISS Cubes Promo, Client: NCR, Corporate Video
2008, SelfServe Promo, Client: NCR, Brand
2008, RDS Trade Stand, Client: NCR, Corporate Video
2008, AskHRDirect, Client: RBS, Corporate Video
2008, Annual Conferences, Client: Scottish Labour Party, Corporate Video
2008, Kepplestone Apartments Advert, Client: Stewart Milne, Advertising and Drama
2008, The Integration Project, Client: Ulster Bank, Corporate Video
2007, EasyJet Casestudy – Andy Harrison CEO, Client: BAA, Corporate Video
2007, 2007 Review Video Re-branding, Client: Capital One, Corporate Video
2007, Global Markets Event, Client: Deutsche Bank, Corporate Video
2007, Interview Training, Client: DWP, Corporate Video
2007, China Design Now, Client: HSBC, Corporate Video
2007, V&A China Design Now Video, Client: HSBC, Brand
2007, Old Pulteney, Client: Interbev, Brand
2007, Original Maritime Malt, Client: Inver House, Corporate Video
2007, The Good Life, Client: Ministry of Defence, Corporate Video
2007, Chain of Infection, Client: NHS Education Scotland, Corporate Video
2007, The Big Tree Country, Client: Perth & Kinross Council, Corporate Video
2007, Emergency Windturbine RAF Wynch, Client: RES, Corporate Video
2007, Taking Orders, Client: Scottish & Newcastle, Corporate Video
2007, Hovercraft Trials, Client: Stagecoach, Corporate Video
2006, Chips, Client: Aspiration Films, Short Film
2006, BAA Recruitment Video, Client: BAA, Corporate Video
2006, Interview Skills for Advisors, Managers & Trainers, Client: Dept. Work & Pensions, Corporate
2006, Mick Fiscal, Client: Deutsche Bank, Brand
2006, ICT: It works, Client: DfES, Corporate Video
2006, Commonwealth Games, Client: Glasgow City Council, Corporate Video
2006, Mekhong Recipe Promo, Client: Interbev, Corporate Video
2006, Too much pressure, Client: MOD, Corporate Video
2006, Lock Stock and Six Business Units, Client: RBS, Corporate Video
2006, Bank Raids Training Video, Client: RBS, Corporate Video
2006, The Mysterious Country 6 part series, Client: STV, Broadcast
2005, Global Supply, Client: Diageo, Corporate Video
2005, An Extraordinary Journey, Client: HSBC Group, Corporate Video
2005, GG2 Diversity Awards, Client: Met Police, Corporate Video
2005, Enforcing Together, Client: OFT, Corporate Video
2005, Glenlivet, The Real Stuff, Client: Pernod Ricard, Corporate Video
2005, That’s What You Did, Client: RBS, Corporate Video
2004, Highland Park Distillery Video, Client: Inverhouse, Corporate Video
2003, Party Election Broadcast April 2003, Client: Scottish Labour Party, Commercial
2001, Treasure Series 2, Client: Channel 4, Broadcast
2000, At the Pictures, Client: Channel 4, Broadcast
1999, Treasure Series 1, Client: Channel 4, Broadcast
1996, The Mary Millington Story, Client: Channel 4, Broadcast